Remember we discussed Feedback and you all loved it and were sad when the Feedback topic was finished. Bring those smiles back because today you will be the part of a small Feedback exercise which will bring your creativity to the next level and in a most fun way possible. This is suitable for a small group of up to 10 people. But don’t worry the more the merrier. This exercise is best to do on the 3rd or 4th day of the group. Everyone knows the names of the other members and by now each member has a pretty good idea about others and all of the members wants to improve other’s performances and wants to give Feedback but have no idea on how to approach to the others in the most effective way. From today you are going to know at least one creative way to do so.

As I said earlier it is a Feedback exercise and it is done when you all know a bit about each other and worked together for 3 or 4 days. All you have to do is sit in a circle and write Feedback about everyone in the group by using these questions.

  • What I like about you?
  • What I want to see more in you?

This is a creative exercise and you are only giving a positive Feedback at this stage. It is a creative exercise because you have to think about each person’s work so far and the interactions you had with this person. You will write about each person in the group. This will take some time and therefore spend some quality time in thinking and reflecting and do not hurry this thing up. Set aside around three hours if this is a group of 10 to 15 people.

When I did this exercise with in my group we spent over 3 hours and we had at least 2 breaks in between. The first break is when everybody done writing their Feedback. Take 5 – 10 min break and than come back and sit in a circle. All you have to do is to stand up, turn towards the person whom you are going to give Feedback and say his or her name and repeat the questions and than say what you are going to say about, to the person. Give the Feedback on both the questions and when done go up to the person and give him the note that you have written about him. The person who is at the receiving end should only listen and do not reply back as it is not an argument and it is only a Feedback/creative exercise and at the end of receiving the Feedback say thank you. Now the person who is standing turns towards the second person and repeat the process until he gives Feedback to all the members of the group.

It is a volunteer exercise so when the first person finishes any one can go next. May be half way in the process take another break to freshen up and than continue until everybody finishes the Feedback. At the end you all have Feedback notes from your group mates. Keep them and look at them when you are down or not feeling well. They will bring your spirits up. I keep them with me where ever I go and I am always amazed by seeing them and knowing the fact that how true these words are written for me by my mates.

This is it folks. I hope this wasn’t boring. It is only a long exercise but the outcome is so amazing that you guys have to do it once in the start and than one in the end after of the project. This is only if the project lasts over 2 or 3 months. And one more time keep the notes and look at them time to time.

I will see you in my next posts. Till than have a nice day/s.